continuando na linha editorial de sábado, o melhor dia da semana.

Stories abound about people being put off their game by seemingly innocuous and unconnected events. Poodle told Bunny only recently about a local pussy-hound from Portslade who went from stud to dud after attending a Celine Dion concert. He just couldn’t get it up any more. He told Poodle it was like trying to stuff a dead canary in a cash dispenser. In the end he hung up his tackle and became a landscaper gardener in Walberswick. Chilling stuff. Whatever. Bunny knows that there are things going on this world — great mysteries &mdash that he will never be able to work out.

The Death of Bunny Munro, Nick Cave


~ por salamandrine em Setembro 5, 2009.

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