I was trying to explain that life is series of projects, and projects do not encompass death, so why mention it? Think of death, and the project is destroyed. Philosophy is the imitation of life, as [Baruch] Spinoza said, not the other way around.

So, as you wrote, since books don’t die, to read is to be an optimist?


So, since you write books, you won’t die.


So, loneliness, or solitude, rather, depression, being ostracised, all that disappears when one writes.

Correct. And the product is a rarity. That’s why in its survival it is life itself. Everything is rare. Air, land, water, production, consumption, matter, space, all rare. The book then personifies life, as immortal as matter or air.

John Gerassi
Talking with Sartre

Conversations and Debates

~ por salamandrine em Fevereiro 18, 2010.

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