I think, therefore I’m crazy (a new Cartesianism)

the left cannot just fight the right, it always has to fight other leftists as well, which is why, I fear, we will never achieve — or you, because I’m too old now — ever achieve a decent revolution.


Revolutionaries inevitably become guilty of the same crimes as those they overthrow, and that’s more depressing than de Gaulle.


It threw me into the soup, the soup of mankind, alienated, exploited, insecure, terrified — in one word, in nausea. But now it wasn’t Roquentin’s [the hero of his novel Nausea], it was mine, all of us, an made me realize that my struggle is yours and vice versa, that there is no escape for any of us, except that we find our fulfillment, so to speak, fighting together. Without ever thinking that this is a meaning, only an act. Meaning has to be created by each of us.

Jean-Paul Sartre

John Gerassi
Talking with Sartre
Conversations and Debates

~ por salamandrine em Setembro 18, 2012.

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