value of life

With a copy of Country Life on his lap, he sat by the dormant fireplace in the Lancaster Lounge. Two burnished old gents were chatting away on the adjacent settee. Lionel unthinkingly assumed they were in their late forties; but then he began to decode the static on their talk – and they were reminiscing about Normandy and D-Day! Now Lionel, as a boy, had been dead keen on the bloodbaths of World War II, so it only took him a minute. 1944 – that made them well over eighty! … Gazing ceilingward, Lionel had a little think about the vale of years. There was that doddering tycoon who married some tart a fifth his age, and there was the Queen, of course – but they were bound to keep her walking, weren’t they, what with the… Or could this mean that, among the rich, it was maybe even halfway normal to live that long? And then the two gents leapt to their feet and strode forward to hail and hug their wives!

Martin Amis, Lionel Asbo

~ por salamandrine em Junho 25, 2013.

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